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Swatch and Sample Books

Sample Book Manufacturer

Sample books and upholstery swatch books are heavy-duty folders and books that help in showcasing a broad range of solutions in a highly portable sample kit. This product can be particularly popular in showcasing fabric sampling using solutions such as large fabric swatch books, fabric waterfall books and fabric sample books. These products are also popular amongst carpet and flooring specialists and other heavy-duty product manufacturers.

Sample books are often popular choices in architects and specifiers’ offices. Our upholstery fabric sample books are ideal for showcasing a range of heavier materials, such as paint chips, carpet, flooring, and acoustic panelling for residential or large-scale commercial projects, while ensuring complete alignment with your brand.

Why use Fabric Sample Books?

A fabric waterfall book and upholstery fabric swatch books are highly versatile sampling solutions. The upholstery sample books are suitable for displaying almost any material — be it lighter-weight fabrics, awnings, blinds, or heavy-duty flooring and carpet. Not only do our fabric sample books showcase a range of varying ranges and colours in one go, but they also enable prospective customers to place them where they will be used to provide an insightful and practical guide for material selection.

Leading Custom Fabric Swatch Book Supplier

Icehouse Sampling’s highly experienced team works with our customers to design their ideal custom sampling solution. When it comes to producing upholstery fabric swatch books, fabric waterfall books, fabric swatch books and fabric sample books, we possess over 46 years of industry experience in sampling solutions. Our long-standing production team enables us to lead the entire design process right through to production.

Alternatively, we provide part of the sampling solution be it making the covers for your swatch and sample books to complement your in-house sampling function or cutting the material required to fit inside existing books and swatches. Increase your sales by showcasing your product range by creating the ideal custom sampling solution to support your brand and provide your sales team, architects, and designers with an appealing and portable product display.

Create the perfect sampling solution. Call us at (02) 8488 8233  or drop an email at info@theicehouse.com.au

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