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Swatch Cards and Memos

Fabric Memo Card Supplier

Swatch cards and fabric memo samples are smaller samples that are usually posted to prospective customers to feel and view a smaller single fabric sample to help the customer make their final buying decision. Swatch cards and fabric memo cards will close that sale by supplying customers with a take-home sample that is in perfect alignment with your brand. These custom samples are an ideal sampling solution to support companies with an online presence, allowing customers to view the material when finding it online physically.

Get High Quality Memo Samples made in Australia

Our highly experienced team works with you to design the perfect custom sampling solution. Our memo samples, swatch cards and fabric memo card solutions ensures your fabric shines the best when it matters the most. As fabric specialists, we are familiar with the best methods to treat the fabric — be it taping, pinking or overlocking. With our long-standing production team and over 46 years of industry experience in custom sampling solutions, we lead the entire design process right through to production.

Alternatively, we can provide part of your fabric sampling solution to complement your in-house sampling function. Increase your sales by showcasing your product range by creating the ideal fabric sampling solution to support your brand and providing your architects, designers and sales team with an appealing and portable display.

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