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Presentation Boxes

Make a Difference with Customised Presentation Boxes

Customised presentation boxes are an essential packaging and promotional tool for your business. These boxes add value to brand communication amongst new and existing stakeholders.

Each presentation box is unique based on your business or brand vision. With such packaging, there is only one chance to make a lasting impression. Our customised presentation boxes are bespoke and one-of-a-kind, tailor-made to your needs.

Custom promotional boxes help your business stand out and make a statement in the market while ensuring long-lasting brand promotion.

Impress with Unique Custom Presentation Boxes

Ice House Sampling is Australia’s most trusted presentation box manufacturer. Our production team offer unparalleled expertise in the field.

We get exclusive and distinctly different customised presentation box requests for product packaging, sample folders, branding, employee onboarding, and corporate gifting.

You can use our customised boxes for a variety of purposes:

  • Product Packaging — Rising Ecommerce sales and online delivery have given rise to customised and decorated boxes for delivering your products. Our reinforced boxes are reusable and collapsible, ensuring your products arrive safely with consistent and intact branding
  • Product Sampling — Make product sampling memorable the first time around by sending it in our customised presentation boxes. You may include blind & curtain hardware samples, chip & tile display items, or hold a range of fabric swatches to make the sample display functional and attractive.
  • Product Branding — Launching a new product? Deck it up with our custom presentation boxes to promote your brand and product.
  • Corporate Gifts — Bespoke custom boxes enable you to leave a memorable impression. They are a distinctly luxurious yet subtle branding tool that makes your staff and clients feel valued.
  • Employees Onboarding Package — When you welcome new employees with tailored onboarding packages, you set a standard for your team culture. Custom presentation boxes help cultivate a positive team culture through gift-giving.

Customise Ice House Sampling’s presentation boxes with colours, logos and size options. Promote your product and advertise your brand with our presentation boxes — they are the best fit for a unique showcase of your products.

Best Material for Your Customised Presentation Boxes

Our quality customised boxes for presentation are meant to carry and present the product perfectly while enhancing your branding exactly how you envisioned it.

Standard packaging and customised boxes are starkly different from each other. The latter empowers companies and products to curate their packages to make them unique and special.

We offer you unmatched materials for your bespoke presentation box.

Our products are available in –

  • Polypropylene — A carbon-neutral and 100% recyclable plastic. These boxes impart an impressive look while being durable against cracks and tears. Moreover, they are easy to wipe clean.
  • Casemade —An item created by wrapping laminated prints around cardboard. These boxes offer an aesthetically pleasing finish. Customise your brand logo and name with prints across the entire gift box.

Why Us?

We are committed to producing tailored, high-quality custom presentation boxes at Icehouse Sampling to help your business make an impression while showcasing your offer.

Pricing for our personalised boxes varies greatly depending on the following factors:

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Material type
  • Logos

The above list also includes the method of printing used, which can be screen printing, digital printing, hot foil stamping and a few more industry-leading techniques.

Get in touch with us and get a quote today.

If you would like to know more about what we do, enquire about a potential new project or just say hello, please feel free to get in touch.